Surface Monitoring Solutions “Measuring and Monitoring Discharge in Arid and Semi-Arid Regions’ Wadis

Technical Development Solutions (TDS) is Saudi consulting company based in Riyadh and one of Al Mousa Group companies. TDS is providing wide range of consultancy services in variety of industries such as water, Mining, Engineering, and renewable energy. TDS has long experience in the projects related to surface and groundwater monitoring.

TDS has several local and regional branches. AAMAQ is the branch of TDS in Dubai and provide consultancy services for water and engineering projects and work along with several governmental authorities.

TDS is also the exclusive partner for SEBA Hydrometrie that is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of environmental monitoring equipment in the fields of groundwater, surface water, water quality, meteorology, discharge measurement in over 140 countries.

Together TDS, AAMAQ, and SEBA Hydrometrie managed to install the Discharge Keeper Device (the first pilot project for measuring the discharge by optical camera in the middle east) supervised by MOEI (Dam sector) in Wadi El-Naqb, in UAE.

The Discharge Keeper (DK) is the newest innovative product, a camera-based discharge measurement system which is able to provide a continuous measurement and storage of water level, surface velocity and discharge in open channels such as Wadis.

By installing this new technology, TDS-AAMQ will be able to provide a real time data and early warning for flooding which in turn can save lives and protect people from such severe natural event in our region.

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