Geophysical Logging

Geophysical logging methods support hydro geologists,  mining geologists and

geotechnical engineers with detailed information that aid in identifying subsurface

geologic conditions.

Using geophysical logging methods has become a critical and increasing part in: 

. Groundwater services

(lithology , thickness , Hydraulic conductivity , aquifer properties)

. Mining services

(Ore body delineation , borehole diameter , deviation , fracture characterization , porosity

. Geotechnical services

(characterize geologic and hydrologic conditions , map subsurface infrastructure ,

subsurface disposal areas)

. Environmental services

(contaminant Hydrogeology and Hydro stratigraphic lithology  Delineation ,Groundwater and vadose zone characterization , subsurface migration of hazardous waste ) 

. Video cam Inspection

(New construction inspection , determine existing well conditions , after well inspection, verify cleaning repairs , track well conditions and compliance amd  recover lost tools)