Geophysics Service

Geophysics plays an important role in groundwater and environmental applications. TDS has become a recognized leader in the applications of geophysical methods

Hydrogeology Service

TDS uses a wide range of geophysical techniques combined with geological, hydrological and hydrogeological evidences to help in identifying : . Rainfall

Geophysical logging methods support hydro geologists,  mining geologists and geotechnical engineers with detailed information that aid in identifying subsurface geologic conditions. Using

Monitoring Service

  TDS is experienced in monitoring the effectiveness of covers and determining weak spots , focused infiltration , thinning regions from erosion

Water Well Services

Water Well Services Well inspection   (TDS owns very special video-cameras 350m, 1500m, 2000m). Well design  (Upon Geological, Hydrogeological, and geophysical studies,

IT Consultancy Service

IT Consultancy Define, design, and execute IT strategies that drive business growth. Help organizations better understand disruptive emerging technologies like IoT, big

Waste Monitoring Service

TDS offers a sewage monitoring system to measure different parts of the sewage network: Measurement of the discharge, calibration, and runtime statistics

Renewable Energy_Geothermal Service

Deep Geothermal:  TDS offers services for deep Geothermal resources exploration including: – Geophysical exploration for geothermal resources – Well logging of high-temperature

Data Management Service

Data Management . Data Management System for atmospheric, hydrological, marine, phenological, composition and other environmental data with a time-series component. It stores