TDS Logging Services

TDS has started well logging services many years ago and managed over these years to achieve a remarkable place and a good reputation in the Logging market by providing solutions and services in a safe environment and up to customer satisfaction.

Currently, TDS has a broad range and a versatile suit of logging tools, imaging services and video cam inspections that have different applications in groundwater, geothermal, mining and geotechnical industries.

For Conventional tools, TDS has considerable and vast experience in: Gamma ray, Gamma ray Spectroscopy, Caliper, SP, Resistivity, Sonic, Neutron, density, Temperature Conductivity” Pressure” and Magnetic susceptibility. Not only in acquiring data but also in applying various corrections for each tool and offering interpretation studies that give the decision maker a powerful tool to manage groundwater, mining and geothermal reserves. These conventional tools are used in: lithology identification, detecting water-bearing zones, detecting hydraulic properties of aquifer, indicate Permeable zones Strata, correlation between boreholes, radioactive waste pollution measurement, fluid conductivity, salinity, measure the borehole temperature , ore body delineation, support geotechnical and civil engineering investigations, map and characterize subsurface infrastructure.

TDS also has more advanced tools that image and give further insights about the subsurface like: Optical Tele-viewer (OPTV) & Acoustic Tele-viewer (HRAT) that provide a 360° image of the borehole and used in: fracture &fault characterization, hole shape geometry and analysis, direction of maximum horizontal stress, lithology variations, Sedimentary features (hi-resolution image), structural features, structural dip and casing inspection.

Also, TDS has the BMR Tool (Borehole Magnetic Resonance) that can run on standard wireline like any other tool and is completely safe – no chemical sources, no radiation, magnetic material only that can be used in: detecting porosity, effective porosity, pore size distribution, hydraulic conductivity (can save the cost of several pumping tests), transmissivity and screen setting criteria.

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