• 2012

    Provide Well logging services and water well services

  • 2014

    Water exploration, geophysics, Hydrogeological studies, Desalination

  • 2016

    New technology, BMR, Hydrological and hydrogeological modeling

  • 2018

    Monitoring of surface and groundwater plus branches over the kingdom

  • 2019

    Open branches in Dubai, Oman plus Contamination of Groundwater Studies

  • 2020

    Water data management, adding new technology Drones, wastewater and adding new wireline technology

  • 2021

    Provide Renewable Energy represented by Geothermal Services

  • 2022

    Acquired Green Building Certifications

Who we are

Technical Development Solutions (TDS)

is a Saudi consulting company based in Riyadh. It is one of Al Mousa Group’s companies.  Al-Mousa group is a large group that has been in the Saudi market for over 50 years. TDS provides a wide range of consultancy services in a variety of industries such as water, environment, mining, engineering, and renewable energy.