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To be the leading sustainable solutions provider to the world of essential natural resources – water, and energy


To enhance the lives of people by providing and protecting the world's essential natural resources

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Corporate profile (back ground)

We introduce ourselves as a specialized in consultancy services & business development in the water management. Technical Development Solutions Co. is a 100% Saudi owned company. The company is one of Abdullah Nasser Al-Mousa group with its historical experience in the field of water and pumps.

TDS built upon a foundation of distinguished experts, talented engineers, and qualified persons.

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TDS in the Civil Defence Fair - Riyadh 2014

TDS in the Civil Defence Fair - Riyadh 2014

Technical Development Solution Participation in the Civil Defence Fair - Riyadh 2014  

DC 5150

DC 5150

Dual View Camera Capable Of Depths Up To 1500 m

RC 1000

RC 1000

Dual Wide angle cam one side view and one down view with remote switching confinuons 360 rotation capable of depths up to 350 m

TDS logging Truck
Robertson Geologging Probes
Well Logging Tools
Well Logging Truck
these studies are concerned with describing water characteristics within the study area and outlining the natural water budget in this area.
TDS manages water well drilling, services and provides well rehabilitation of water, industrial, municipal and residential wells.
pumping stations, pipe lines and distribution networks, irrigation and hydraulic studies
These studies are considered one of the main activities in TDS that concerned with study of water pollution causes and its implications.
Solar energy ,Wind energy ,Geothermal Energy

TDS Careers

To ensure the highest standard of service and expertise, we are always hiring the best talent. The future at TDS has never been brighter, so join our vast network of professionals today!



TDS are preparing to revolutionize our business portfolio with a view to achieving sustainable growth. To this end, we will promote improved business efficiency and investment in prospective fields