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Borehole Imaging: DC5150 Deep Well Camera - Vehicle Mounted

The latest generation of our flagship product can be used in wells and boreholes 3 to 30 inches (7.62 to 76.2 cm) in diameter and down to depths of 5,000 feet (1,524 m). Comes standard with a DC5150 dual cam, dual view camera with continuous 360 degree rotation. This is the camera system that defines the industry, with unmatched visual clarity. The process of collecting video with this digital downhole camera is so easy and seamless, any customer onsite will be immediately impressed.

The DC5150 provides a comprehensive, detailed survey of water wells, boreholes, underground storage tanks and mineshafts. In addition to the standard downhole view, it offers a side-view perspective with continuous 360 degree rotation, with no external moving parts.

The well inspector can take pictures while recording video. As displayed in the video above, the downhole view is displayed next to two side-view videos that each cover 180 degrees of the borehole wall. Once the video is complete, a USB is retrieved from the camera body and a high resolution HDMI quality MP4 video is downloaded.

Uses and Applications


  • New Construction Inspection

Display the Quality of Work and Offer Customer

  • Period Inspection

    Determine Existing Well Conditions and Perform Preventative Maintenance

  •  After Service Inspection

   Verify Cleaning, Repairs, Track Well Conditions, and Compliance

  • Recover Lost Tools

     Locate and Retrieve Lost Tools