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Borehole Imaging : The R-Cam 300 Portable Borehole Camera

R-Cam Digital Camera is that works on up to 300 meters and single housing, each with a wide-angle lens, for viewing downhole and side view images in water wells or boreholes. Low light level CCD sensors allow the cameras to detect images with minimal lighting power.

The R-CAM control unit comes equipped with a state of the art solid-state DVR that records survey footage to either 16GB of internal storage, or to an expandable USB flash drive. Survey footage is exported natively in a .mp4 format, meaning the footage will play on all major PC operating systems without the need for file conversion. All DVR recording and playback functions can be controlled by the included mini-Bluetooth keyboard, including adding text details of your well survey to your recording.

Uses and Applications

  • New Construction Inspection

      Display the Quality of Work and Offer Customer

  • Period Inspection

      Determine Existing Well Conditions and Perform Preventative Maintenance

  • After Service Inspection

      Verify Cleaning, Repairs, Track Well Conditions, and Compliance

  • Recover Lost Tools

      Locate and Retrieve Lost Tools