Technical Development Solutions



Infrastructure Monitoring Systems

Construction and Geotechnical

TDS has systems to monitor





Bridge and Building Monitoring

Our systems provide monitoring for

-Highway overpasses



-Retaining walls


Railway, Pavement, and roads Monitoring

Our systems are for monitoring

-Rail-bed moisture

-Various points of strain and load

-Slope stability of tracks, and weather

Dam monitoring

Our systems can measure everything from water level and flow to strain and vibration, as well as a variety of other parameters. In addition to real-time data measurement, our systems will alert you of changes in factors such as water level, load, pressure, and tilt if they move beyond acceptable ranges


-slope stability analysis

-weather monitoring

-lightning warning,

-environmental compliance (air and water quality)

-roof and shaft stability

Oil, Gas and Seismic

Our systems are used in the oil and gas industry to monitor and control pumping facilities, as well as to monitor slope stability, water resources, weather, air quality, and equipment performance.