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Geothermal Energy

Technical Development Solutions offers innovative solutions based on Geothermal Energy.

The geothermal heat is a highly efficient renewable energy technology for both residential and commercial purposes and can be applied into 3 levels resources, depending on temperature:

·      Low (T <90°C)

·      Moderate (90°C<T<150°C)

·      High (T>150°C)

TDS provides the full services related to geothermal into 5 phases:

1.      Geophysical detection of the Groundwater Table

2.      Aquifer modelling

3.      Drilling

4.      Water sampling to determine the temperature

5.      Installation of pumping systems

The main 5 ideas include:

1.      Improved Air-Cooled Steam Condenser for Conventional Steam Power Plants

2.      Agricultural-quality water from geothermal power plants

3.      Low Cost Single-pipe District Energy System (DES) for both Heating and Cooling

4.      Integrate Solar Thermal Energy into Conventional Geothermal Power Plants

5.      Use of Solar Thermal Energy to Create a Synthetic Geothermal Reservoir