Technical Development Solutions



Water Monitoring Systems


-Groundwater monitoring

-Pump tests

-Landfill sites

-Resource protection

Water Quality

-Control of environmental permits

-Discharge monitoring

-Effects of water management use

- Monitoring of aquatic ecosystems

-Drinking-water resources






Surface Water

-Water-level measurement

- Flow measurements

- Inflow/outflow control

- Irrigation

- Artificial lakes and reservoirs

- Flood forecasting/warning

- Dams

Flow measurement

-Inflow/outflow control

-Basis for water-management measures

-Deployment in reservoirs and tidal areas

-Recording of extreme flood events

-Dimensioning of civil water structures


- Measurement of external discharge

-Monitoring of storm overflows

-Rainwater tanks

-Preservation of evidence

- Flow measurements

Flood Warning Systems

- Flood warning systems with alerts: You can add our systems to an existing network of stations, or we can customize a flood warning system for your unique application.