Technical Development Solutions

Borehole Logging Geophysics and Inspection

Groundwater Services

Borehole geophysical logging methods are used to measure physical properties (Porosity, Specific Yield, and Hydraulic Conductivity) of aquifer, fluid properties, and the integrity of well construction materials.

Lithology and Thickness

  • ELOG Combination Gamma, SP, SPR, 16-64-inch normal resistivity tool
  • Spectral Gamma Ray

Hydraulic Conductivity estimates and vertical flow (within borehole)

  • ELOG Combination gamma, SP, SPR,16-64-inch normal resistivity Plus SP & SPR.
  • Fluid temperature and conductivity.

Aquifer Properties including Porosity, Specific Yield, and Hydraulic Conductivity (in formation)

  • BMR, Borehole Magnetic Resonance
  • Induced Polarization

Borehole Diameter

  • 3-arm caliper

Deviation (borehole verticality)

  •  Verticality / Natural Gamma
  • Acoustic televiewer
  • Optical televiewer


  •  BMR, Borehole Magnetic Resonance
  •  NEU, Neutron
  • FWS, Sonic porosity
  • DEN, Density porosity calculated from in-situ compensated density


Surface Equipment

  • 1000m/2000m Winch
  • The standard unit for truck-mounted operations in deep boreholes, the 2000m

            winch includes an integral depth wheel and an automatic level wind