Water well services and development

TDS manages water well drilling, services and provides well rehabilitation
of water, industrial, municipal and residential wells.

Our areas of expertise have also grown and now include electrical and
mechanical services such as:

Design water wells

Preparing the technical specifications of productive and monitoring wells
accordance with the approved technical standards at the Ministry of Water
and Electricity; including:

  • Determine the depth, drilling diameter and target layer.
  • Determine the specs, dimensions, and length casing, screen type and calculate the amount of cement and gravel as per the well conditions.

Supervision of the water wells implementation

Supervision of manual well digging and tube water wells drilling phases,

  • Periodical site visit to follow up the drilling process from the beginning until completion.
  • Collecting, describing of drill cutting and build up lithological profile to determine the boundary of aquifer.

  • Supervision of the casing & screen installation and cementation.

  • Supervision of conducting well logging and prepare a comprehensive report include data interpretation and recommendations.

  • Supervision of conducting pumping test and provide the final report including Graphs, analysis and recommendation.

  • Preparation of the final reports for the well implementation.


Pumping Test

Conduct water well pumping test, step test & constant rate, Analyzing and evaluating pumping test data,

to determine all aquifer & well characters, then to provide the final report including Graphs, analysis and recommendation.