About us

TDS is Saudi Company established as innovative provider in all water issues (studies, consulting, and services).

Our vision: to provide the best services and technical solutions with high quality in different fields; applying the modern technologies for: water exploration, water treatment, water pumping, water hydraulic, water engineering, geological, geophysical, and hydrological as well.

TDS built upon a foundation of distinguished experts, talented engineers, and qualified persons.

Our Activities:

  • Hydrological, geophysical, geological studies and data of water management.
  • Services of water wells: drilling, pumping test, rehabilitation, including geophysical logging & visual.
  • Supply and installation of measuring devices for water levels and quality monitoring.
  • Study design and implementation of: desalination & treatment plants and sewage.
  • Chemical treatment of water treatment systems and the reduction of the sediment from the lines.
  • Supplying the chemicals and spare parts of desalination plants.
  • Technical consulting and solutions for all water system problems.
  • Conducting studies of hydraulic, pumping stations and water lines.
  • Studies, environmental solutions and reduction of pollution.